PiFi AMP-240


2 x 40W stereo Class-D amplifier as a Raspberry PI HAT



Compatible with any Raspberry Pi with a 40 pin GPIO header

The PiFi AMP-240 is a high quality, highly efficient, stereo 40W RMS per channel Class D amplifier, conforming to the Raspberry Pi HAT specifications.

It mounts directly onto the Raspberry Pi and contains an integrated power supply which, at 5V/2A, is more than sufficient to power a Raspberry Pi 4 plus peripherals.

The amplifier itself uses two stereo Class D amplifier chips, each working with its two channels in parallel to provide a single speaker output.  The results of paralleling the two channels are improved sound quality, higher output power and better efficiency.  It’ll drive speakers from 3 ohms upwards and will work with power supplies from 9-24V, although we recommend a 24V supply for best performance.

It’s assembled on a 4-layer PCB for better audio quality and improved thermal characteristics, and incorporates oversized output filter inductors to cope with its high peak speaker current outputs.  Its speaker outputs are via screw terminals capable of taking cables up to 2.5mm2, and DC in is via the usual 5.5mm DC power jack.

Two amps can be stacked and will produce identical outputs, ideal for bi-amping suitable speakers.

Drivers are incorporated in the latest Raspian kernel, and we will provide full support to get the amp working with other distributions.


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